Out- or replacement

However careful you are, sometimes it just happens that someone is not ideally positioned in your organisation and you do not have anything suitable to offer. It may be a hiring mistake or a result of the personal development process. It may be that your best employee has reached a stage in his professional and personal development where he has to look for a new placement outside your organization in order to realize his full potential. Another reason might be downsizing, which is a sad reality today. You might not really have a choice but to let some of your good employees go. If you care about your (former) employees, you might want to offer an outplacement program.

What does an outplacement consultant do?

Outplacement consultant cannot guarantee a new placement for your (former) employee. But participation in a good-quality outplacement program will highly increase a client’s chances of getting a suitable new placement soon.

Like all consultants, the outplacement consultant mostly listens the client and talks to him/her. The approach is generally the same as with career coaching. 

How long is the outplacement process?

It may last a pre-agreed time (e.g. 3 months, up to 6 months) or until the client gets a new work assignment. 

Will the outplacement consultant be in touch with the client between sessions?

Yes, the consultant will be available for e-mail correspondence, and unlimited telephone conversations.

What is the difference between outplacement and career coaching?

There is no crucial difference, except that career coaching might be exploring future career options in 5+ years perspective. Career coach would help client to make decisions for the future and plan the actions necessary to realise these. Outplacement process is initiated in cases when the transition is already happening and so the focus is to explore current options and realise the best one.