Executive search and on-boarding

Executive search

If you have a vacancy in your company or you need to employ a new professional or executive it isn’t just recruitment or employment. You need to find a good person and help him or her to become part of your organisation. You want someone who lives and breathes your values and standards, is on good terms with colleagues and is trusted and accepted by peers. This might happen quickly without any external support, but it stands a much greater probability of happening if this support is available. Combining the search with a supportive coaching program might be just the option for you..

Good executive search consultant will devote lots of time to familiarise with your organisation's culture, understanding the setting where the person should fit in. If you don’t simply need to fill a position, but are looking for a professional woven into the fabric of your organisation’al canvas, a person assimilated into your culture, someone who believes in your values and vision, a co-worker tuned in to the music of your team, then we might be right partner for you.  

How we work?

A partner would first learn about your company using all the public sources for this. Then we would like to meet and talk. Preferably with several people in the organisation, if possible with the full team. If possible we would also like to meet your clients and certainly the subordinates of the person you are looking for or have already found and want to “place in”. Then, after a few days, we would makes an offer for your consideration, describing the search strategy and all the steps we want to make. After you have discussed and fine-tuned the offer, the process starts.

How long does it take?

As each and every assignment is unique it depends on many circumstances. For starters, the time needed is dramatically different depending on whether the search process is part of the in-placement project. There are search assignments lasting 3 months, but we have been able to find an interim CEO in 2 weeks.