A new tool tells companies when they’re about to lose their best people

Tõnis Arro:

Is this the future of job hunt – people getting offers based on what they have thought and shared with their friends and putting together a portfolio of “interesting things to do” for their next career?

Originally posted on Quartz:

Forget the traditional job hunt. “People are now increasingly being found for jobs, versus having to find their next job,” said Jon Bischke, CEO and co-founder of recruiting platform Entelo, which focuses on tech careers and highly skilled workers.

To serve this end, the company just launched a tool that uses predictive analytics and an algorithm to identify which workers have the right skills as well as “a higher propensity to leave” their current job.

The company made headlines in April when it announced a new paid search tool that would identify job candidates who are women or people of color by pulling data from individuals’ online profiles. At the time, the company said it was 95% accurate—and would help its 130 corporate clients make more diverse hires.

The new tool, which has been in the works since the company was established in 2011, “narrows the lens, narrows the filter” for recruiters and…

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